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  1. Employment Insurance (EI) and fired for misconduct -
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Employment Insurance (EI) and fired for misconduct -

The employee must understand what will happen if their performance does not improve. Depending on the problem an employer is having with an employee, it may be better to correct the problem by using progressive discipline rather than by ending the employee's job.

16 Ways to Get Sued When Firing an Employee!

Progressive discipline can begin with spoken warnings, move to written warnings and suspensions, and then end with firing the employee. For example, an employee who is a good worker but does not follow work procedures properly may just need spoken and written warnings to correct the problem. The discipline should match the seriousness of the problem. There are times when the steps above would not need to be followed because of the seriousness of the employee's behaviour. For example, if the employer can prove that the employee has stolen from the employer, then the employer may be able to fire the employee without warning or notice.

There may be limited circumstances, like a theft, in which an employer may fire an employee with 10 years of service and not have to follow the four steps. When Labour Standards finds that an employee with 10 years or more of service has been fired without good reason, the employer may be ordered to bring the employee back to the job with full back pay dating to the date the employee was fired.

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  5. Firing federal workers is difficult!

If the employee does not wish to go back to the job, Labour Standards may order pay in lieu of reasonable notice, which could be more than the 8 weeks' statutory notice required for an employee with 10 or more years of service. Note: An employee of ten years or more can be laid off with 8 weeks' notice for shortage of work or due to an elimination of a position. The Labour Standards Code says there are times when an employer can end the employment of an employee with 10 years or more of service without just cause and without notice or pay in lieu of notice.

This includes:. The Labour Standards Code says that an employer must give notice to employees and the Minister of Labour and Advanced Education when firing or laying off 10 or more employees within any period of 4 weeks or less.

Federal Departments

The amount of notice groups of employees are entitled to receive depends on the numbers being laid off:. When an employer is required to give group notice under the Labour Standards Code, the employer must also notify the Minister of Labour and Advanced Education, in writing, of the situation. Written notice to the Minister should include the following information:. It is important to know that the Labour Standards Code says that an employee's employment is not broken if a business is transferred or sold in any manner.

If an employee worked for both the seller and purchaser of a business, when the employee's employment comes to end, the employee may be entitled to notice that the job is ending or pay in lieu of notice based on how long the employee worked with both the past owner and the person who bought the business. If an employee has been employed with an employer for less than ten years, the employer does not need a reason to end the employee's employment but the employer may be required to provide the employee with written notice or pay in lieu of notice.

No, if an employee is guilty of wilful misconduct, disobedience, or neglect of duty that has not been condoned by the employer, the employer can end the employee's employment without notice. Colleen M.

Written Promises

Kelley, president of the National Treasury Employees Union, says the government has procedures for firing or disciplining workers. Don Kettl, a professor at the University of Pennsylvania, agreed that it's too hard to fire poor performers and that few experts who study the issue would disagree. When an employee is fired, there are a number of appeals processes available to fight a termination, explained John Palguta of the Partnership for Public Service, a nonprofit that advocates for an improved federal workforce.

Some of those processes probably could be streamlined, he said, while keeping in place rules designed to protect employees from partisan politics. He also said that 8, to 10, federal workers are fired each year when you count people who are fired for poor conduct coming to work drunk, hitting the boss, etc. Overhauling the way workers are paid might be a better way to improve performance than making it easier fire people, Palguta said. Currently, salaries and raises are based on length of service, not on performance. The federal government checked into the issue of poor performers in , when the U.

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Fire Equipment Service Worker

Office of Personnel Management tried to quantify poor performance. The good news for taxpayers was that the study found supervisors labeled poor performers only a tiny percentage of their workers - 3.

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The researchers had a difficult time finding a significant sample of supervisors who had attempted to take action against a poor performer.