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The Jewel of Gresham Green (The Gresham Chronicles Book #4)

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Book of the Month. Authors Tim Winton Sarah J. Top Pick. Locations where this product is available This item is not currently in stock in Dymocks stores - contact your local store to order. Please note: not all stock is available in all stores. A charming, Victorian-era romance set in a small town in England from the bestselling author of the Gresham Chronicles.

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Because a gentleman is constrained to say otherwise. He winced. What every woman wanted to hear. With knees creaking, she heaved her Rubenesque body to its feet. Please convey my deepest regrets to Mr. If you will see yourself out. She, who could produce copious onstage tears, wanted no witness to those now prickling the backs of her eyes. Attempting to say a word would unleash the flood. She pressed her lips and nodded toward the door.

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Perry collected coat, gloves, and hat, and backed across the room. Just before the doorway, he paused. Lady Fosberry, my dear wife is a stout woman. I daresay she weighs much more than do you.

The Jewel of Gresham Green - AbeBooks - Lawana Blackwell:

That was the icing on the cake. Of course she knew of corsets, but she had never needed one. A hundred years ago, that life seemed. Perry was the epitome of male discomfort: eyes not quite meeting hers, fingers plucking at coat buttons. Forgive my indelicacy. But it would be a tragedy if you gave up without a try.

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How could it hurt? In so many ways! She had only to picture Henry Irving rejecting her. The return train ride. For years, I kept books for Harrods, chained by fear to a job that I despised. One day, I realized it was far better to fail than to spend the rest of my life wondering what would have happened if. She imagined herself in the years ahead, browbeaten into a shadow of the woman she once was, sick with longing for paths she had not chosen.

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Besides, more time would give footholds to fresh doubts. As hoofbeats sounded again, Charlotte sank to her knees, rested her head against a sofa cushion, and wept. The spiritual numbness that had gripped her for so long loosened its hold. God had not forgotten her after all. She had been a believer since age fourteen.

A common assumption was that actors and actresses led immoral lives. Many did, which was the reason her circle of friends in the profession had always been small. But her parents were faithful churchgoers, no matter how late a Saturday show ended, and no matter where the tour had them temporarily planted. Thank you for your kindness, in spite of my wallowing in my own misery. Now please give me the strength to do this.

Charlotte spent the remainder of the morning laying out clothes. She could have assigned the task to upstairs maid Alma Willis, but word might have gotten out. She wished to speak with Roger before sending for her trunk. A rap at the door gave her a start.

The Jewel of Gresham Green

Shall I bring up a tray, Your Ladyship? A single impulse propelled her down the stairs, past gilt-framed and somber Fosberrys from generations past. Tight nerves made her ravenous. Savory aromas greeted her in the paneled dining room. The table stretched out to accommodate sixteen, but the cloth was laid with one place setting. Footman Jack Boswell hastened in, slump shouldered and seeming older than his thirty-odd years.

He had been doing the work of two ever since a financial snag had forced Roger to sack the second footman, along with the butler, under gardener, and two housemaids. I beg your pardon, Your Ladyship, he panted.

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Lord Fosberry ordered a tray in the library. She slipped into the chair he held out for her.