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Contents [ Hide ]. Learn to Trade Penny Stocks. Learn More. Learn to Trade Penny Stocks Warrior Trading fosters one of the largest communities of active day traders, providing investors with educational content for all levels, real-time trading simulators, chat room access, and more. Common Stock 1. DE Common Stock 0. Common Stock 0. Delaware Common Stock 0. Becoming a confident investor takes skill, not secrets. Becoming a confident investor takes skill, not secrets There's no magic secret.

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Penny Stocks to Watch for November 12222

Also, in case there is a sudden crash in the markets, healthcare stocks tend to protect capital as they are largely considered as defensive plays. The shares off Shalby Ltd have barely moved higher along with the market. In fact, while the markets have gained significantly in the last few months, the shares of Shalby have languished. It is currently trading at Rs It maybe just time to look at this stock.

Yes Bank shares have crashed from week high levels of Rs seen in August to the current levels of Rs The one big reason for the recent fall is the losses of Rs crores reported by the bank for the quarter ending March 31, While the losses surprised investors and many were quick to downgrade the stock, we believe in the next one or two quarters, the worst would be behind. In fact, the cleaning-up at the bank would be a good time to buy into the stock. While , the performance of the bank would not be so encouraging, one can expect a positive momentum in From a 2-year holding period, the shares of Yes Bank are not a bad bet at all.

The bank is looking at revamping its business by focusing on the retail side of the business.

However, the next few quarters for the bank are indeed going to be tough and hence only investors who have a long-term perspective in mind, should invest. The one good thing is that the share price has now fallen to a new week low, which makes the stock an interesting bet at the current levels. This article is strictly for informational purposes only. It is not a solicitation to buy, sell in securities or other financial instruments.

The author owns Shalby Ltd shares. It is important to remember that with effect from April 1, , there would be a long-term capital gains tax that would be levied on stocks. Therefore, investors may not that there would be a 10 per cent tax that is applicable. For Quick Alerts. Subscribe Now.

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You have already subscribed. Should you invest in them? Bharti Airtel. Market Watch. Pinterest Reddit. By Narendra Nathan.

Best Cheap Low Priced Stocks To Buy For - Goodreturns

Getty Images. There is extreme volatility in the stock market at present. Some stocks are trading at all-time highs and others at decade lows. Economic logic suggests a product is an attractive buy if it is available at a discount. There are a number of stocks going dirt cheap right now.

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For example, Yes Bank is quoting at Rs 32, compared to its all-time high of Rs around a year back. Should you buy stocks quoting at significant discounts to all-time highs? Experts advise caution.

You Can Be Successful With Trading Penny Stocks

You could well be trying to catch a falling knife. Several companies have lost value due to valid reasons. Investors should find out why they are quoting at low prices. Stocks usually crash for three reasons—general economic weakness, sectoral or segmental weakness and company-specific issues.

Low Priced Stocks: How to Invest - Hot Stock Girl

Had it been general economic weakness, the crash would have been across the board and not restricted to a few segments. Once we went through the list of companies quoting close to year lows, we could spot sectoral and segmental pockets. For instance, a large number of these stocks are public sector enterprises PSEs. Slow growth due to continued government interference is one problem faced by this segment. Now that the government has started talking strategic sales, will the sentiments change?

Experts are not sure. Even if the government shows will, six months of this financial year are already gone and therefore, a small time period is going to be the next issue. However, PSEs always offer trading opportunities, especially when valuations are cheap.

What Makes a Good Penny Stock Broker?

Several stocks from specific sectors are also available at low prices. Should one approach these sectoral packs?