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Hidden Nymph

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Reward Yourself

Register for FREE 1st month. Download your desired books 3. Easy to cancel your membership. Joint with more than Markus Jensen I did not think that this would work, my best friend showed me this website, and it does! However, there is also danger as a number of poorly investigated crimes over the past decades has culminated to this moment. Cove investigating and while Cove is discovering new depths to his relationship, there is also an immediate danger to Cameron. I like the storyline for the most part.

I also liked the mystery and crime aspect as Cove unravels the darkness plaguing the town. However, while there is chemistry between Covington and Cameron, I truly struggled.

This was a couple on the brink of breaking up, with Covington hoping that Cameron tagging along would speed up this process. However, like with an instalove scenario, these guys suddenly get their shit together without much explanation.

In fact, it made Covington a tad unconvincing and unlikeable at first. In general, I think this book is worth a go to anyone that loves paranormal romances, particularly those that like other paranormal titles published by the myriad of Siren authors. Title: Catching Rainbows. Publisher: Siren Publishing September 16, Blurb: Raven McCoy is in hiding from his pack. He has no desire to take over the mantle of leadership when his father steps down. His father sends his best man to track Raven down and bring him home.

Jet Atherton leaves the dark realm once a month to visit his cousin. But on his last visit, something went terribly wrong. Jet is missing two weeks of his life, and he has no memory of what happened to him. All he knows is that he showed up at a mechanic shop, and the owner saved his life. Raven is his mate and Jet has to get away from him before the wolf shifter discovers that Jet is unseelie, the most hated fae in the preternatural world. Review: Each book in the Maple Grove collection features a new romantic couple. To enjoy the overall story arc and crossover characters, I would recommend reading the series in sequential order.

This series is branched off from many other series and I would suggest starting with book one in the Brac Pack collection. Jet is fae but not just any kind of fae, but Unseelie. They are the darkest and most evil of the fae, however Jet is not like the rest of his family. There were many rules and one of them is they can never leave the realm. However he always goes to see his cousin who was in hiding once a month. So lets face it it was not his fault that he was caught and abducted. Raven has found his mate. When the young man fainted he took him to the one place where a human should go when injured but of course he runs with him as soon as he saw his cute ears.

He just has a few problems going on. Someone wanted his mate, his father wanted him to lead the pack and well just guess.

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These stories have been going on for so long that they are starting to resemble each other in parts. The problem is that they are just getting rehashed in similar ways. However it is still quite entertaining and I do enjoy the humor that you can find in them. The characters are quirky and funny as hell in parts of it. There is danger mixed in the story to give you that little bite.

I was glad to see some of the old characters from the beginning show up to give it a bit of a push. Other than my own issues with the story it is still a good read. Publisher: Siren-BookStrand August 22, Blurb: When Jericho hears whispered voices behind the garage, he investigates, only to find out his uncle and Ivan plan on burying a body back there. His uncle is bad enough with his abuse, but having a polar bear shifter after him has Jericho on edge. Until Ben walks into the diner where Jericho is having breakfast and he discovers that the wolf shifter is his mate. On his way back from Florida, Ben stops in a small town for gas and some food.

When he walks into The Diner Train, he knows something is off. His wolf leads him to a bunny shifter sitting all alone, and the guy is his mate. He is also sporting a black eye. Review: It as a day of many bad surprises, okay maybe not all of the surprises were bad. Jericho overheard his uncle and another planning to bury a body. He has also found his mate, and man is the man not sex on a stick. His very male mate and boy did he not want to tell his uncle. He was afraid that the man would get on his motorcycle and run away as fast as he could. Ben and his best friend needed to take a break from riding.

But his luck has changed, he has found out that the sexy bunny shifter is his mate.

Hidden Nymph by Carmie L'Rae - FictionDB

A mate that is definitely freaking out. You have a small town with noisy neighbors walking in, someone always stealing your food, pretty cool characters and danger in these stories. The problem was that they are following pretty much the same pattern. Big wolf shifter, small bunny shifter, danger and so on is just a bit to used for me to truly love the story.

Other than that though it is still entertaining.

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I enjoyed reading it and look forward to reading the next book. July 29, Blurb: Steven Dunkin has no clue who the stranger in the coffee shop when the guy asks him what flavor ice cream he recommends. All Steven knows is he feels a strong attraction toward the guy. So when Derek invites him home, Steven has no problem going. The world he steps into thrills Steven. Derek Mitchell is fascinated with the human from the moment he lays eyes on his mate. There is just one problem. But will Tristan take things too far? Review: Steven is a sweet innocent young man and had the best brother ever.

When his mother was pregnant with him she had been using and it left him a little bit slow. His brother always watched out for him. However when a man asked him out after some ice cream his little life was about to get more interesting. Derek owned most of the town but never truly flaunt it.

NEW RELEASES AND ANNOUNCEMENTS Siren BookStrand : E-books and Print Books

He had an idiot for an ex that seemed to want him back and a weasel for a cousin. Now he has found his mate. He is falling in love but danger is just around the corner. I really liked the characters quite a bit but the story felt like it was lacking something to make it stand out.