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Along with established research, new analytical tools, and. Qualitative Research in Gambling : Exploring the production and consumption of risk. The book draws on cutting-edge qualitative work in disciplines including geography, organisational.

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Green food : an A-to-Z guide. The geography of genocide. This study explores why genocides tend to result from emasculating political defeats experienced. Unifying geography : common heritage, shared future. Matthews, John A. John Anthony , Egypt, trunk of the tree. Volume 1, The contexts. Geopolitical traditions : a century of geopolitical thought. Taylor -- it's. Making population geography. Stones, bones, and the sacred : essays on material culture and ancient religion in honor of Dennis E.

A transformation in American national politics : the presidential election of Social media in Iran : politics and society after Spillover from the conflict in Syria : an assessment of the factors that aid and impede the spread of violence. This report. Enlightenment and revolution : the making of modern Greece. Political science -- Greece -- Philosophy -- History -- 18th century. The new continentalism : energy and twenty-first-century Eurasian geopolitics.

Socialism in Provence, : a study in the origins of the modern French Left. The United States and Brazil : a long road of unmet expectations. Romance on a global stage : pen pals, virtual ethnography, and "mail-order" marriages. Early Greek states beyond the polis. Archaeology under fire : nationalism, politics and heritage in the eastern Mediterranean and Middle East. Archaeology under fire : nationalism, politics and heritage in the eastern Mediterranean and Middle. On modern Jewish politics. Knowledge and Networks.

Anthropologies of Cancer in Transnational Worlds.

Shutting down the streets : political violence and social control in the global era. Studies in Byzantine sigillography Does the constitution follow the flag? Why does geography make a difference for what legal rules apply? The truth about Leo Strauss : political philosophy and American democracy.

An Economic and Social Analysis

The Geography and Paleoecology of the Titicaca Basin; 4. The Ethnography. Rethinking social theory. Investment in the new Cuban tourist industry : a guide to entrepreneurial opportunities. Miller, Mark M. Mark Michael , Encyclopedia of Rusyn history and culture. Geography and Japan's strategic choices : from seclusion to internationalization. Ebooks and Manuals

Rethinking African cultural production. Orlando -- Thresholds. Envisioning sociology : Victor Branford, Patrick Geddes, and the quest for social reconstruction. Irish English. Volume 1, Northern Ireland. Geography, demography and cultural factors. Geography and linguistic ecology ; Topography.

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Aspects of the Orange Revolution. We sell drugs : the alchemy of US empire. Selective remembrances : archaeology in the construction, commemoration, and consecration of national pasts. When political geography changes, how do reorganized or newly formed states justify their rule and. The geopolitics reader. Table of contents Table of contents only Publisher description Publisher description.

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The moral authority of nature. Engineering trouble : biotechnology and its discontents. A solution to the ecological inference problem : reconstructing individual behavior from aggregate data. This ecological inference problem also. Creating the florentine state : peasants and rebellion, Oman : conditions, issues and U. The Zukofsky era : modernity, margins, and the avant-garde.

Objectivism's Depression-era modernism. A rich analysis of American avant-garde poetic forms and politics, The. Organizing European space.

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Remapping modern Germany after national socialism, Geographies of consumption. Tourism studies and the social sciences. Making political ecology. Viet Nam : a transition tiger? Women and Islamic cultures : disciplinary paradigms and approaches, Prairies and plains : the reference literature of a region. Geography basics. Human geography : a history for the 21st century. Taylor and Herman van der Wusten. Nigeria's critical election : The state of disunion : regional sources of modern American partisanship. Courting conflict : the Israeli military court system in the West Bank and Gaza.

Muslim Britain : communities under pressure. Patchwork nation : sectionalism and political change in American politics. Urban Planet : Knowledge towards Sustainable Cities. This book presents an incisive outline of the historical development and geography of cities. International perspectives on organizational behavior and human resource management. Encyclopedia of consumer culture. The SAGE glossary of the social and behavioral sciences. The human geography of East Central Europe. Beginning with the geography and political economy of agrarian capitalism, Henderson.

In search of Ireland : a cultural geography.

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Brian J. The global economic system. Provides a unique treatment of world economic geography as a whole and examines the principle. Geographic perspectives on Soviet Central Asia. Mapping cyberspace.

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  • Partitioned lives : the Irish borderlands. Drawing on recent approaches within historical, political and cultural geography and the cross. Natural experiments of history. The studies cover a spectrum of approaches, ranging from a non. Hegel and history.