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The Promise of Genres - Persée

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Abonnez-vous et suivez-nous! Il cachait ainsi la guillotine aux regards qui, d'en haut, auraient pu plonger sur elle. Il fallait faire vite. Lequel donc? Buffet ou Bontems? Je dis au directeur que j'allais en parler avec mes amis.

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Je posai la question. Buffet attendait la mort. Bontems passerait le premier..

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Le seul. Je regagnai le couloir. J'entendis : "Il faut y aller, il est temps. J'enlevai mon pardessus, allai le poser dans le bureau du directeur.

Inauguration du Grand Louvre

Je cherchai des yeux le surveillant-chef. Bontems sauta du lit, torse nu. Je le vis sourire et j'entendis : "Alors c'est oui ou c'est non? Il disait la phrase rituelle, du moins je le crois, car dans la confusion, il ressortait tandis que nous entrions Philippe et moi dans la cellule, avec des gardiens. Philippe prit Bontems par le cou et lui parla. Il avait mis ses lunettes, il enfilait sa chemise. Il voulait se rouler une cigarette, ne trouvait plus le tabac. Nous nous fouillons. Bontems s'assit. Ce fut bref. Bontems se leva, lui remit la lettre. Le Christ tendait ses bras vers les grilles.

Il se confessait sans doute.

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Je me retournai. Tous, et sans doute moi aussi, montraient une sorte de rictus. Le bourreau s'approcha. Bontems lui appartenait totalement enfin. La porte s'ouvrit. L'ouvrage de Robert Badinter est disponible en ligne ici et ici. Rate this article:. Abolition Beheading C.

Inauguration du Grand Louvre

Giscard d'Estaing. Location: Marseille, France. El Paso convicted killer Justen Grant Hall was executed Wednesday evening for the strangulation murder of a woman in Hall, 38, had been on Texas' death row since when he was sentenced to die after being convicted of capital murder in the strangulation of year-old Melanie Ruth Billhartz in The killing of Billhartz occurred while Hall was out on bond on another murder charge, the fatal shooting of a transgender woman that was labeled a hate crime. Hall was a member of the white supremacist Aryan Circle gang and investigators had said that prejudice was a motive in the hate crime killing.

In October , Hall strangled Billhartz to death with a black electrical cord and then buried her body in the New Mexico desert because he feared she would tell police about a methamphetamine cooking operation at a house in El Paso. Another man had assaulted Billhartz during an argument and Hall and other gang members feared the meth operation would be discovered after Billhar…. Read more. Published Tuesday, November 05, South Dakota man executed for stabbing death of doughnut shop co-worker Reuters - A South Dakota man convicted of fatally stabbing a former doughnut shop co-worker during a burglary was put to death by lethal injection on Monday night, after the U.

Supreme Court denied three 11th-hour petitions to stay his execution.

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Charles Rhines, 63, whose lawyers argued that his death sentence was tainted by anti-gay bias toward him on the part of jurors, was pronounced dead at p. Supreme Court on his final appeals. All three applications for a stay were rejected by the high court on Monday evening. Published Friday, November 08, AP — A Tennessee death row inmate on Thursday selected electrocution for his upcoming execution, a move that would make him the fourth person in the state to choose that method over lethal injection since last year.

Nationally, electrocution is a rarely-used option — partially due to it being legal in only six states. Outside of Tennessee, the last time the electric chair was used in an execution was in in Virginia. Courts in Georgia and Nebraska have declared the electric chair ….

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  6. Paradoxically, FDR Safety specializes in workplace safety consulting, not manufacturing gas masks or gas chambers to exterminate flesh-and-blood human beings — which condemned men and women are — deserving of humane treatment in any conscious, compassionate, and just legal system, no matter how terrible their crimes.

    Convicted murderer Charles Rhines understands there's likely nothing he can do to save his life, according to a man who recently visited him at the state penitentiary in Sioux Falls. He didn't state a feeling about it, but he's kind of to the end and he knows that, so I'm sure there must be some fear going on," said Denny Davis, a Catholic deacon and anti-death penalty activist who visited the death row inmate last weekend.

    He's been on death row — in January it will be 27 years — so he's pretty much resolved he's running his last appeals," said Davis, who added that Rhines appeared calm when he last saw him. Central Time on Monday, more than 26 years after a Pennington County jury hande…. Published Wednesday, November 06, Police believe the fugitives are heading to the border after dumping their getaway vehicle and being picked up by an accomplice.